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The eCommerce market has evolved from a simple counterpart of brick and mortar retail to a shopping ecosystem that involves multiple devices and store concepts. Now, when looking at the eCommerce landscape, we see a relatively mature market with established players and a clear set of rules. But this impression can be misleading – the digital transformation is not over yet and is unlikely to ever come to a halt, driven by the flow of innovation coming from numerous start-ups and a growing cash flow from fast-developing Asian economies. In spite of a slowing Chinese economy, a shift in purchasing power from the U.S. and Europe to China and Southeast Asia has begun, fueled by the growing number of consumers gaining access to eCommerce due to growing purchasing power and internet penetration, especially on mobile devices.

Comparing the three major eCommerce markets – the U.S., China, and Europe – China was the biggest market in 2020 and will stay in the lead through 2025. The Chinese market is worth US$1,343.5 billion in 2020, with Fashion being the biggest segment. Revenues are expected to grow at a CAGR1 of 8.2% up to 2025, resulting in revenues of US$1,996.0 billion. In other words, the Chinese market is expected to show the largest growth rates of the three major regions. In the U.S. market, revenues of US$537.7 billion were generated in 2020.

Judging from the high CAGR of 6.1%, the market is expected to exceed revenues of US$723.6 billion by 2025. The third biggest eCommerce market in 2020 is Europe with revenues of 460.5 billion. Annual growth of 7.3% will lead to revenues of US$655.6 billion by 2025.

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Pros of dropshipping 

Low Startup Costs

Low Cost of inventory

Low Order Fulfillment Costs

Sell and Test More Products with Less Risk

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