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For the calculator to work you must copy it by clicking File -> Make a copy

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It’s included in the calculator, all you need to do is create a copy for yourself (click File -> Make a copy) and the list will appear in the tab of Ali Express. We update the list regularly so the products are hot.

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DSM Tool is an advanced automation software for dropshipping businesses,, we offer training programs that can help you get started with your own dropshipping business already today.

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Frequently asked questions

How to make a copy of the calculator?

When you open the file, look at the Google Sheets menu and click File -> Make a copy. Make sure to bookmark your new calculator so you’d have quick access to it every time you need it.

I can’t use the calculator, what should I do?

The calculator is shared publicly in a “view only” mode.

To be able to use it you need to create a copy of it. Click in the menu File -> Make a copy.

Make sure to bookmark the copy you’ve created to gain quick access to the file.

Is the eBay profits calculator free?

Yes! It’s 100% free, help us keeping it free by sharing DSM Tool with a friend!

Can DSM Tool help me learn dropshipping?

Yes! DSM Tool is not only a dropshipping software but also an academy for learning how to start your own online business.

You will be able to:
1) Take the A-Z dropshipping course
2) Follow our YouTube channel – we go live weekly!
3) DSM Tool Facebook community

Does DSM Tool offer a free trial?

It comes with 7-days free trial – That’s enough time for you to make your first profitable sales!

And if you forget to cancel – no problem! We offer 72-hours money back guarantee, no questions asked!


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