Start Dropshipping in Spain

In Spain, e-commerce is gaining ground each year. This relatively new system to purchase products off the net has experienced constant growth in recent years, with values reaching over 50 billion euros in 2019 up from only six billion in 2007. In 2020, about half of the Spanish population that bought items online used their debit or credit card as their preferred payment method for the virtual world. In fact, in 2019, the growth of online purchase customers exceeded 62 percent. The most prevalent age group of e-commerce users in Spain are adults between 35 and 44 years old, in households of more than four people. An estimated six million people belong to this population group. Moreover, the average expenditure per online consumer in Spain was more than 2,000 euros in 2020. Approximately 34 percent of Spanish e-commerce users see comfort as the main advantage of online shopping compared to shopping in physical establishments.

Start dropshipping in Spain with DSM Tool. Our system will help you with importing items, making them attractive for customers. We will monitor your dropshipping products and update them according to changes on the source site every hour and once you got a sale help you with ordering.

Here is our detailed guide about the first steps in dropshipping that will help you start selling right away.

Pros of dropshipping in Spain:

  • Easy Internet access and growing smartphone usage let you stay in touch with your suppliers and customers 24/7 and guarantee brilliant business performance.
  • All major payment gateways, such as PayPal and 2Checkout, are available in Spain, which is why you can safely receive and manage your well-earned profits.
  • A multicultural environment lets you learn more about the life and issues of various ethnic groups, and tailor your offers to various customer segments.

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