Start Dropshipping in France

E-commerce first appeared in France in the 1980s but truly made its mark in the late 1990s with the rise of internet access in homes. Thirty years later, owning the most powerful e-commerce brand on the market, Jeff Bezos had become the leader of online product delivery. With busy schedules and a need for more convenience, many households have turned to online shopping as an addition to traditional shopping, contributing to over 112 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020.

Some of the most popular online niches in France include fashion, cultural goods, and electronics.
In 2019, 37.5 million French people shopped online, which represents over 80% of internet users. The average online transaction in 2019 was around $66 (€59) and online shoppers tend to shop more frequently, approximately 28 times a year, for a total amount spent of around $2,886 (€2,577) in 2019.  Online shoppers purchase mainly clothing (51%), cultural products (41%), toys and games (38%), travel packages (37%), and shoes (36%).  Most of the sales volume, however, occurs in tourism (46%), high-tech appliances (25.9%), home equipment (20.4%), and clothing (14.7%).
In terms of payment methods, while payment through social media was still used rarely in 2018, a year later, around 60 percent of respondents throughout various age groups preferred credit card payments for their online purchases. After paying for a product by various methods, the parcel would be on its way and reach a multitude of French destinations. Most French consumers like to have their parcels delivered straight to their home (and ideally in less than five days), as opposed to pick-up stations. Apart from domestic deliveries, French sellers can also go international.
Many close buyers such as Belgium would shop on French platforms and in 2018, half of the French themselves had bought products from non-french sellers, reinforcing the international quality of eCommerce.

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Pros of dropshipping in France:

  • Average eCommerce spend per capita is high
  • Rapid growing market
  • A good social and cultural environment that allows you to easily get a clear picture of your potential customers

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