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New Feature: Set Location Per Suppliers

As many of you know, eBay requires to be accurate in terms of item location, therefore, to comply with eBay item location policy, we’ve added a feature in DSM Tool to allow settings a specific location for each supplier you’re using. Learn more about it in the article: Item location for a specific supplier.

Working with the automated dropshipping tool requires certain knowledge in setting up dropshipping suppliers correctly. It isn´t less important than finding a good supplier to dropship from. Every dropship supplier has specific shipping, refund, and return policy that you have to consider. Additionally, you pay attention to other things like shipping fees or minimum price for the free delivery order, etc. In this way, you can avoid a lot of mistakes that influence your dropshipping store, your customer experience, and, sometimes, your profits!

So, if you choose to work with a new supplier what is it that you have to do? How can you learn about the dropship supplier? And, how do you set up a dropshipping supplier correctly in DSM Tool and actually start working with it? Check it out in this article.

eBay has many requirements that sellers should comply with if they want to sell on eBay and avoid account suspension. Not all users contribute to the platform they’re using. In 2019 eBay announced its dropshipping policy after they estimated that too many dropshippers are causing more harm than good. One of the most confusing requirements for dropshipping beginners is setting up eBay policies – dropshipping requires you to set up policies according to the shipping and returns terms you get from your suppliers. This article is an easy guide for every eBay seller and drop shipper on setting their policies on eBay and on their eBay dropshipping software correctly.