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New Features: VeRO alert, Banggood…

Banggood is now a supported supplier in DSM Tool
Banggood is an integrated supplier in DSM Tool for drop shipping, it is supported in the Rapid Lister, Price Monitor and DSM Tool for Chrome.
Here are 10 things you must know before starting to drop ship from Banggood

Single lister “Auto Save” mode
“Auto Save” mode is a new feature that was recently added to the single lister where the last listing attempt will be saved automatically allowing you will to return to edit it later.
Read more about the Auto save: Rapid Lister for Drop Shipping

Shared Auto Order credits
Auto Order credits are now shared between main and linked accounts.
Read more about managing multiple accounts and using the Auto order system:
Managing multiple accounts in DSM TOOL
Drop Shipping Auto Order system

Pricing strategy
We’ve added an option to stop the auto decrease profit after X times.
Read more about the pricing strategy feature:
Automation in drop shipping pricing

Queue page display and export options
You can set the display to show more than 20 rows per page and we’ve added an option export a file from the queue page.
Learn more: How to export your items in DSM Tool

New designs
A new design layout was implemented to the price monitor page and message view page.