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Brandless is an American e-commerce company that manufactures and sells products under its own Brandless label. Founded by Ido Leffler and Tina Sharkey, it launched in July 2017 with a selection of 115 items, many of them marketed as healthy and environmentally conscious.

Brandless was based in San Francisco, California, and operated an additional facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It marketed its foods as GMO-free, its health and beauty items as cruelty-free, and paper products as adhering to sustainable forestry practices. Products’ labels consist of only a white box with the product’s name and two to five descriptors, such as organic, kosher, or gluten-free. It’s good for eco-friendly dropshippers.  Brandless is a brand of its own.

The company operated a direct-to-consumer model which it promoted as reducing markups compared to conventional brand-name items. Initially, Brandless priced single items at $3, or multiple items for $3 total. That policy changed in January 2019 and higher-priced products were offered.

Their site sells everything from beauty items and hair products to grocery staples and home goods, travel, and baby products

In 2019, Brandless began to offer an optional subscription service to its customers.


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