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Weekly issues report | May 12 2019

Illustration of characters fixing a cogwheel

Still fixing:

  • Auto orders: Does not add to cart the correct quantity.
  • Auto orders: Amazon logistics tracking number is not converted to BlueCare tracking.
  • Target: Shipping fee is miscalculated in the final price.
  • Templates preview in the templates page are corrupted.
  • Wayfair.com: Items are getting locked without a reason, due to user preferences.
  • Wayfair.co.uk: “No item found” error when trying to import through the bulk lister.


  • Notification error is presented as repring error
  • Incorrect count of unmonitored listings in the Dashboard alerts.
  • Infinite loading in the final stage before publishing an item with variations.
  • Removing one variant both from the price monitor and ebay resulted in removing the entire listing.
  • Slow loading of Variations in the Rapid lister.
  • “No item found” error when importing from HomeDepot, Walmart and Aliexpress.
  • “Undefined” error in the final stage before publishing an item from multiple sources.