5 Reasons Why Dropshippers Choose DSM Tool over SKU Grid

If you are looking to get the most out of your dropshipping business there is one thing you need to remember. SKU Grid only focuses on part of the automation process of the dropshipping store.

 Choose DSM Tool over SKUGrid to get a fully automated software and a free course to help you start dropshipping on eBay

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#1 Free course included

get it to your mailbox when you signup

The free course of DSM Tool includes 45 educational and professional video lessons created by the founder and CEO of the software company, Kfir Shapira.

We don't promise you financial freedom, from the 200,000 people that signed up to DSM Tool not everyone succeeded. But we give you and everyone the tools you need to get started with your journey - for free.

#2 More than 50 Suppliers

We chose the best dropshipping suppliers to maximize your opportunity to make profits. With more than 50 different websites integrated as dropshipping suppliers to DSM Tool you can always find the best products to dropship at the best price.

#3 Advanced Features Only In DSM Tool

DSM Tool offers unique features like keywords suggestions, competitors analysis, text spinner and uniquely designed eBay templates.

But it doesn't stop there, you can setup default settings to each of the suppliers you work with and perform deeper customization, more than any other software.

Dropshipping Software for eBay and Shopify

Auto Orders

Automate your orders completely using this feature. From the order processing to the tracking number, everything is done for you.

Expand your business

eBay, Shopify, Facebook (soon). We offer the option to connect multiple types of stores to DSM Tool.

Virtual Assistants

When you grow and hire virtual assistants, all of the DSM Tool plans comes with the option to add limited access users to your VA's.

#4 service around the clock

The customer success team at DSM Tool is called this way for two reasons. First, it provides customer service around the clock with between a few minutes to a couple of hours response time. Second, the team is trained to guide you with tips that will help you step forward with your business

All in one user friendly tool. I would highly recommend for beginners trying to get into the dropshipping industry.

Charlie Peretich

Dropshipper, YouTuber, USA

#5 Join the biggest Facbeook community

It's free as well not that we need to mention that

Moderated by the CEO of DSM Tool together with the marketing team who are experts at helping you get started on your journey, we invite you to join the biggest Facebook community created by a dropshipping software.


DSM Tool is an all-in-one dropshipping software. We have unique approach that help you make money more than any other eBay dropshipping software. Take a look!

DSM Tool SKU Grid
Price for eBay dropshipping course for beginners
No course
Price for price monitoring of 600 items (DSM Tool) vs. 800 items (SKU Grid)
Auto ordering system
Automatic tracking numbers updates
Dynamic eBay template with 32 designs that are assigned automatically for your product category
Store optimization alerts
Keywords suggestions for eBay SEO
Automated pricing adjustment according to the product performance

Still paying to SKU Grid?

Move to DSM Tool and start paying when only when your Yaballe subscription is over!

For example: If you paid 14 days ago then you will get these 14 days refunded from your DSM Tool subscription.

Don’t worry about the calculations, our team will help you to get your discount.

Add Dropshipping Products to your store in 1 click

List products in 1 click


I use DSM Tool to basically automate all of my dropshipping business. It is very useful. I don't recommend dropshipping without using it.

Kirk Buchanan

Digital Marketing Expert

Price & Stock is Automatically Synced

Dropshipping Success - Software For Dropshipping

I joined the DSM Tool training program when I was already selling one eBay. I wasn't even
doing research, I just thought, "Oh, this looks nice! People are going to buy this." which was completely wrong.

And so, by joining the training program, I've learned the things that are making the difference to my business today.

Joe (JL) Sarmiento

Dropshipping Seller

Dropshippng Suppliers and Prodcuts Software

Simple and Smart Orders Processing

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You get a 100% free 7 days trial

No. It’s all yours, and you get to keep the free access to it.

Yes! Signup and write us through the chat support, we’ll be happy to give you personal assistance

No! We offer a free migration service so whatever you have left to pay to SKU Grid you will get as a discount to DSM Tool.